Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The anniversary.

Forty eight years ago we got married.
It was a fun day, a happy day, a loving day......even if we didn't have a notion about what was really going on!
I hadn't a clue what people do at weddings - so we didn't exactly break the rules; I just didn't know what the rules were.
Except for long gloves - I seemed to get it into my head that a bride should wear long gloves.
We had no hired cars, no photographer, no reception venue - apart from the back yard and the recently built garage at my family home.
My dress was short; I had no veil or tiara.
Bill and I spent the morning of the wedding together - arranging things for our reception for the most immediate of family and a few friends.

At 3 o'clock I arrived at the church, driven there in an old Citroen car belonging to a work mate of Bill's.
Two very naive young people plighted their troth. Somehow we have manged to keep our vows - for better or worse.

I don't know who took this photo.
The idea had been that Bill's camera (an Ilford Sportsman camera) would be passed around so that people could take the pictures that he couldn't take.
Then Bill's camera got jammed. Bother! We borrowed one to take away on honeymoon - for the thought of being without a camera was just as intolerable then as it is now.

We felt that the day and the 48 years should be celebrated.
We had lunch at The Plough - a stone's throw from the church.

Then we wandered across to the church.

Then we went for short circular walk in the fields.
As we passed by the farm....I had a quiet giggle.
There was a trampoline in the garden and I had visions of old Mrs James, the farmer, bouncing on the trampoline with skirts flying and big bloomers on view.

Inevitably we reached The Quarter Mile.

Of course we walked along the footpath across the middle.
But I am not sure if that would be deemed trespassing these days. There were signs everywhere, advising that the land was private.

Inevitably, as we grow older, anniversaries such as this create some slight anxiety.
We wonder if we will be blessed to reach our golden anniversary.
Live for the present time.......and that's what we did today.