Monday, August 19, 2013


Good to be busy.

Gosh! I am tired!
I think I have been attacked by the curse of the early autumn hay fever. Of course, it's not hay that does the damage - probably the pollen from late summer flowering and spores in the air.
I have been sleeping badly - waking hourly to sneeze and rub my itchy eyes; eyes filled with streaming stinging tears.
Today I remembered to buy some anti histamine tablets - which should help with both the allergy symptoms and the sleeping.
It has been a busy shop day.
Surely it didn't need to be so....I just wanted my bird cage well presented for people to admire.
What a lot of things were moved to achieve that affect.

I just knew that I wanted the cage raised up- to be more at eye level.
I took the twin doll's pram in today as well.
I took quite a bit in - but didn't get it all sorted before 5 o'clock, home time.

By the time I had done all this and also drank cups of tea with Steve, who was in again working on the building, it was time for lunch.

After lunch I continued sorting. Steve is working hard on creating a new bathroom and kitchen area for us to use that I wanted to contribute something.
I filled 2 boxes with things that have been dumped on the back counter - dumped and forgotten about.
I am not sure how helpful it was - it left 2 boxes which need to go somewhere; but not before people who might own and want the dumped items from going through them and claiming them back.

Eventually I got around to things on my normal agenda - checking the sales of last week and making sure the new stock is priced up.

It's good to be busy.

But activity and hay fever led me to a deep sleep on the sofa after this evening's dinner.

By the way I gave you a wrong web address for Jamie's trip to the Bird Park, yesterday.