Sunday, August 18, 2013


Birdcage etc.

Off to Brighton again today.
We went to the car boot sale at the race course. And I am very pleased with my birdcage. I seem to have a thing about birdcages, which is strange because I don't really like seeing birds in small cages.
I plead with Bill every time we go to Thailand to let me bring back a wooden Thai bird cage - still don't have one.
And the one I bought today might be mine for a short time only - after all selling on is the name of the game.

Of course this birdcage will never house a bird again. I can see it with plants in a conservatory.

After the racecourse we went to The Marina.
Before breakfast we wandered round the boot sale held on the top floor of the multi storey car park every Sunday.
As it tends to start at dawn (before in the winter), we were very late. But I like to wander around.
You never know what might be found.
And I found a tea trolley.
It is very different from the tea trolley my grandmother used to have.

It still needs a clean and a liberal dose of WD40 to get the wheels turning again.

Home then for Bill to sleep and me to play with photographs.
The project will last for some weeks.
I am moving all my old photos from chronological folders to subject themed folders. I would have deleted lots when they were originally dealt with and now I am deleting more - but still thousands remain.
Today I sorted photos of people (Bill and me and the Thai family) taken during our 2006 trip. There are 300 of the Thai children and parents.
The Thai family have explored another Phuket facility - I look forward to going too.

Do have a look, Rog - a picture of young John is looking rather like young you.