Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Yawning again.

Feeling tetchy and tired.
Went to Crawley for some bits.
Been on phone with people.
Frieda came round.......she shocked Bill with a memory lapse! One of those awkward silences as she commented on new fangled ways..."they'll be putting men on the moon next!" she exclaimed.
Yes Bill, you can come across as bad sometimes.
Maybe this and my snapping a bit at him just before yesterday bedtime as prodded him into something more "in charge".
I snapped with some despair....I have mentioned the loud rhythmical noises Bill can make. I merely expressed my down feeling to him that I may have to put up with it for the rest of my life.
He truly has controlled it better today. Thank you Bill.
I finished dealing with 2006 photos.....all now sorted into themes and mostly re-numbered.
It has been a pleasure to wander down that particular memory lane.
There may be less photographs in 2007 - a difficult year for me.It began with pain and insecurity and ended with major surgery and continued insecurity as a result of some complications.
Thank goodness all of that has been resolved.
Now - sleep again. I fell deeply asleep on the sofa this evening.