Thursday, August 22, 2013


Afternoon tea.

It rained hard during the night.
The weather could interfere with plans.
This morning, maybe it did......we might have gone to Ford. It was gloomy and more rain fell; but on reflection I thought it wisest, for both our sakes, to restrict ourselves to just one outing a day. So that was the reason we had a long lie in.
By the time we set off on the afternoon outing patches of blue sky were appearing.
Thank goodness!
My attachment to St Catherine's hospice is great. Maybe I should do more than just donate some cash and be a part of the weekly prize draw.
But just maybe I want to leave the the love and care I received there in the past.
But I was very happy to take part in another's money making activities this afternoon for the hospice.

Well, who wouldn't be happy faced with a table decked out with superb sandwiches and cakes?
My sister in law has for some years been a dedicated and successful fund raiser for the hospice. Today she organised and hosted an afternoon tea in her garden.
I am thinking that a goodly amount of money was raised - people were very willing to hand over the cash for raffle tickets and for boxes of any remaining cakes.
Bill's sister, P, came with us. Good to get an afternoon out - although on this occasion she might have wanted to return home fairly promptly. Her son and partner's  baby daughter is due and the parents to be were at the hospital - but not for long. Baby is not quite ready to make her grand entrance.
But back to those cakes........

I can think of no good reason that I missed out on this cake!
Yes, I might have been being sensible and avoiding cream......but no, being sensible was not on my agenda.

Was it sensible to eat 2 of those beautiful cup cakes?

I don't think so....but it was a great pleasure.

And I shall eat another before bed time.
I also bought home some cakes and gladly added more to the hospice funds.

Bill enjoyed tucking in too.
He also loved the scones with jam and cream as well as cake.

And just to cap a very fine afternoon, I won a prize in the raffle and brought home a bottle of wine.