Saturday, August 24, 2013


Dreary with some joy.

Happy birthday to my sister in law.
I am sure you have found ways to beat the weather.
Your birthday card is in the, sadly not your cupboard! It's in my cupboard. It was supposed to have been posted yesterday - but sorry, it remains in the cupboard.
I can't say I have felt on top of today. I didn't like the dreary wet weather.
I had plans to make the most of an "at home" day - but things went exceeding slow.
My plan was to re-start my Ebay selling.
But I hit stumbling blocks.
First, I had forgotten my password.
Then I realised that Turbo Lister, which I use, needed backing up and new updates installed.
It took an age.
So I photographed 15 items and was ready to weigh them in order to work out postage.
Bother! The battery on my scales was dead - so I had to go out and buy a new one.
Finally I did begin to describe and now have 5 things listed.
It's a small beginning - but happily one item has a couple of watchers already.
I must work hard on  Ebay and hopefully will have earned enough for my next Thailand trip, whenever that might be.
I have to wonder if it will be suitable for Bill again.
I know I can go alone - but will he be OK to leave alone?
Coincidentally I am just at the point, February 2007, in my sorting of old photos; that time I did go alone.
The weather forecast is for improving conditions. We should get out tomorrow, but I haven't decided our destination yet.
Finally a wonderful picture - well, special to me.
For 42 years Clare has avoided being photographed and despaired of her appearance.
Today she posted several on facebook with great pride and joy....she is looking good.