Thursday, August 29, 2013


Kithurst and Rackham Hill walk.

We walked again today.
First round the Ford car boot sale - bought mostly books and tins.
After our breakfast we walked again.
Just a word about breakfast......I was chatting with sailor John, a man in his 80s. He was proudly telling me that he had recorded an interview with Spirit FM radio about the Littlehampton lifeboat station and his family connection with the lifeboats. He was interviewed by an attractive young woman....then he chuckled..."Hard to concentrate really, my eyes were constantly drawn to her breasts"!!!!
And with that we left to go walking.
We drove to the top of The Downs - to a spot between Kithurst Hill and Rackham Hill.
How beautiful and golden it was up there.
We have never been up on that part of The Downs before and were so pleased to have discovered yet another place of beauty.

Looking south to the sea..

A brand new outfit.....well, new to me.
Very pleased with the skirt and top. (£4 for the 2).

Looking north.

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

I love playing with photographs. I wonder which of these harvest patterns you like the best?
I super enhanced the top one and I love it and it has been received favourably by friends.

The last of the poppies in the hill top hedgerows.

I love our walks - not long walks. We are not hikers - never have been. Maybe we were once walkers. There is a difference!
Now, we are "amblers".
I am guessing that today we may have ambled 3 miles and that is enough for us these days.

We followed it up with tea and cake in the second hand bookshop cafe in Storrington.
Fabulous cake - a moist banana cake with a lime flavoured cream topping. We shared one piece of that between us.