Sunday, September 08, 2013


Out on my own.

I am assuming that there will be more and more days like today.
Bill didn't want to get up - he likes his 12 hours these days.
I did want to get up, so I set off alone for Brighton.
Let's be honest - going out alone is quite a new concept for me. So, glad that I had a good morning and enjoyed myself at Brighton race course.
I went round the assembled stalls twice - wouldn't have done that with Bill. And I did find more on the second time around.
One of this morning's buys was a coal scuttle.

The seller had painted it on the outside and placed the large alium
seed heads in to persuade people that it could be used for display.

He was going to throw them in the hedge when I bought it......."no, don't do that"
I too, can use them for display.

I glanced at the burger van - it took no more than a fleeting glance to turn away.
I was hardly a mile from Brighton Marina.
I enjoyed a huge tortilla wrap, filled with egg, bacon, sausage, hash brown, onion  and 2 big mugs of tea for less money than I would have paid for a hot drink in  a polystyrene cup and a cardboard burger.
Very good to sit and relax alone - should have had a book with me. But never mind, these days my phone can fill that role reasonably well.
Of course whilst at The Marina I had a quick look at the boot sale on the top floor of the multi storey car park..........about 6 hours after it started.
This afternoon I have written up lots of things I have bought, ready for the shop.
I often do that on a Monday in the shop; but tomorrow I want to go through my books doing a sort of stock take and re-price things that have been there too long.

One thing I bought on Thursday at Ford, should have been going to the shop with me.
But somehow it seems to have found a place in my own kitchen.

I love it - the three tiered stand.
And yet it is a sad picture.
On the wall is one of Bill's creative photography pieces.
It was taken at the top of Leith Hill on a fabulous Christmas Day morning. There is a wood sculpture amongst the pines.
Bill has made it seem very ethereal with reflections.

I have another picture to share with you. I have a good collection of photographs of old post cards - and the post cards themselves in many cases of our road.
Yesterday one was posted on memories of Crawley that I have not seen before.

People who know Crawley will appreciate the changes.
This dates from around 1900.
No garage and no cinema on the left hand side.........and they too have almost gone now. The frontage of The Imperial Cinema should remain with modern flats behind the facade.

I have one grumble about the day and it's my own fault.
A while ago I was complaining of a very painful neck and shoulder. It had eased.
I think it eased when I decided that it would be better to carry my worldy goods on my back rather than in a bag over my shoulder, across my body.
But I relapsed - so much easier to reach for my money at a car boot sale when it is so close to hand.
This evening I have a lot of pain again.
I have re-sorted a rucksack for my back and I will buy a money belt for car boot sales.

Well time for bed - Bill has, after only 11 hours up, climbed the wooden hill. I hope he has enjoyed being left alone to sit and doze. I did ask him to peel potatoes for our roast dinner - he should contribute what he can.
Tomorrow is a shop day.