Wednesday, September 04, 2013


A disappointing day out.

There must be chaff amongst the wheat.
Today was a day of chaff!
I had looked forward to it; I had said that once the children were back in school we would visit Southwater Country Park.
It is a place to reach by no travelling expenses for old folks with bus passes.
Now, I have to say I have never been very impressed with Southwater.....apologies to all residents and those that love the place.
What I have seen suggests that it is a village that become too big with many major housing estates.
I know that the original village has some history - based on the brick works. But we saw none of it.
We got off the bus too early....that was our mistake. But it would have been good if the bus driver had been been able to tell us which bus stop might be the most suitable for the country park.
We walked down the long street with nothing much of any interest to see.
It seems almost certain that we missed a foot path to the country park - but there was no sign.
We continued to walk. It was getting really hot.
We passed the Dame Vera Lynn charity shop - I made a mental note to pop in there later .Didn't do it.
Eventually we reached what I take to be the heart of the village.

Exciting eh?
Still no signs to the country park.
We popped into the modern pub and asked.
The first guy hadn't a clue.
The second guy gave us strict instructions, which turned out to be wrong.
We got further instructions at the sports and leisure centre and retraced our steps.
Perhaps it was time to get a drink and a snack.
I guess it was my fault - but I hated that modern pub. It was soulless and the music was noisy. I was hot and tired.
I just couldn't stay there.
So, we walked again....maybe the Downs Way would take us to the country park.
No, it didn't.
I was cross and over tired. I started to row with Bill. Those things which are beginning to annoy me so much are beyond his control.
So, I felt guilty!
So, back to the village centre where we had a pot of tea and a snack in  a pleasant tea shop.

This is Hatties. I was tempted by the cake - thought of buying a slice to take home.
Mrs Hattie seemed to know how to get to the country park.......but that will be for another visit.
We drank up quickly and went to catch the hourly bus home.
It was supposed to stop close by the footpath to the country park....presumably it did; but not a sign of it.
We got back to Crawley and I decided to buy a nice packet of biscuits in Marks and Spencers.
We got lucky - a lad was making the final reductions on things that had to be sold today and we bought a luscious lemon cake for 45p and a few other cheapie bits.
Feeling disappointed.
Feeling "exhaustipated" - another made up word from a friend.
One day we will return and we will return by car. But for now I am happy to bypass Southwater; which we will do in the morning when we go to Ford.