Saturday, August 31, 2013



I went early to the car boot sale at Faygate.  It is not a sale where I tend to find things to sell on, but it is relaxed and I usually find clothes.
I began with Marks and Spencers corderoy trousers for Bill for £2.
A bargain!
But my item was even more of a bargain,
I bought a jacket for £1. There was a brooch on the lapel and I figured I could sell that for £4.
A bargain already then.
I got home and found a pound coin in the pocket!
Later Bill accompanied me to Edenbridge car boot sale. I did find some things for selling on. That's good.
We went into the village/small town afterwards for a drink in Ye Old Crown. It's quiet and pleasant - lovely music playing quietly.

We took a brief stroll after our drink.

I like walls of hung tiles.

Stained glass window by Byrne Jones in the parish church.

A moving tale indeed.
I have tried to discover how Anne Jemet died and how soon it happened before her planned wedding.
One thing I have discovered is that her mother's family had lived at Gabriel's, now Gabriel's Farm. This farm is now split up into all sorts of enterprises - and that includes the summer car boot sales.

High Street, looking south.