Sunday, September 01, 2013


Happy day.

Some days I am too aware of the difficulties that life has thrown my way.....sometimes annoyed, sometimes cross.
But most of the time I am happy.......might as well be happy for there is nothing I can do right now except be happy.
Today was a happy day.
We were at the track at midday to prepare for the Sussex Under 13s Athletics League, which is always a highlight of the summer season.
I sorted out my team - a delightful group of men.
And we were ready to begin.
The youngsters fought hard - rivalry was friendly, but intense. Each wanting to do well for themselves and their team.
The 9 Sussex teams competing against each other are very different and obviously some clubs are bigger than others.
There is a trophy for the winner of the small clubs.
Crawley is not a small club and it was a very close contest all afternoon between our club and Brighton.
Brighton came out on top by a mere nine points.
It didn't stop joyous celebrations from the Crawley boys.

Much joy, yes......but a kind of sadness, too amongst the adults.
It is months before we gather again together at the track.........well, not true because quite a few will work at a meeting next Friday evening.
Some officials are hanging up their watches, tapes and clipboards as the season draws to a close.
Farewell to them. Enjoy your retirement and freedom from the commitments of working for athletics.

And, as we watched the youngsters and their parents leave with medals and trophies and the satisfaction of taking part, some officials cleared up and then made their way to The Black Swan.
A group have been doing this for years.....Bill always wanted to opt out and so we did.
These days I feel I must embrace the social life of being in a club as much as the work side and I insist we join them,
And it was lovely.
The chairman of our club and his wife are amongst those moving forward to a life of freedom. We'll miss them and their hard work......wonder how long it will be before they miss us and the hard work!
We enjoyed being with them for a drink.

I have to confess that, having had no lunch and 2 glasses of wine, I felt delightfully mellow.
A happy day.