Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Being goingest

When I have not been working hard, I have been sleeping.
Well, had a good long doze after lunch.
I have been Mrs Diligent Housewife today........I cannot pretend that the house is spotless (not that diligent!) but it is clean and tidy.
And the ironing is done.
It just needed doing and I wanted to be busy to encourage Bill to be a bit busy.
He went out to cut the lawns and feels like a very good boy!
I guess I feel good too!
I had been so tired last night that I wondered if I would find the energy for today's work.
Blood pressure was quite low when I started the day (104/63) I guess that's why I felt so tired.
Friends have encouraged me to rest.
One of my Wordsplay/Boggle friends from the USA told me to rest and in so doing invented a great word....she suggested that  was one of the most "goingest" persons she knows.
I have such a strong urge to be goingest right now......I don't know how long this phase of life will last for.
For a few days Bill has had a groin pain - probably part of his horrendous wind/belching problem. But I did wonder if it might be a hernia. he had one on the other side.
But he doesn't remember having a previous hernia problem - not the pain he was in, nor the operation in hospital to put it right.
Tomorrow, as the work has been done and the weather will be good - let's all get going!