Friday, September 06, 2013


Thakeham stroll.

Yesterday........seems so far away.
I am guessing it was the last day of summer - very hot and very sunny.
There will be sun again this year, but it is the autumn sun which will gently warm our skins now.
After buying at the Ford car boot sale we went to Littlehampton........Bill needs his routine.
Actually it is a while since we walked by the river and out to the sea front.

After our walk we made our way northwards again......feeling thirsty.
I suggested a stop at  a pub and a stroll and explore of yet another unknown village.
We went to The White Lion at Thakeham - just a little off the beaten track.

It is a delightful old pub.
We enjoyed a large bowl of mint choc ice cream with our drinks.
We left with 2 glasses - some had been put out to help yourself to. We now have 2 half pint cider glasses.

The lane is in quite a deep hollow - steps up to everything.

Yes, there were steps up to the church and a steep path.

That was yesterday - summer time.
Fortunately the rain of today has cleared.
In an hour we will be at the track for the last meeting of the summer season....the Sussex Under 15s League.
We do have one more race to time at the track - next Wednesday, a club 5K championships.