Saturday, September 07, 2013


Early autumn at Wakehurst Place.

We got out!
The rain cleared and B roused himself from dozing.
We spent a short while at Wakehurst Place, noting the turn of the seasons.
The seasons don't change on one day - but this week it has felt like it.
The plants tell their story of the changing seasons too.

Fading hydrangea.

Late summer lobelia.

We could have joined the hordes in the cafe.....and spend more than we would want!
But there are so many places to visit for a drink.
Today we chose The Red Lion at Turners Hill.

We were there quite often in the 1990s when I had space in the Turners Hill antiques shop.
It hasn't changed a bit......I commented on this to the landlord, who proudly agreed that they were trapped in some past time warp and long may it stay that way.

This is a 1955 photo......and it looks no different now. I enjoyed a half pint of Harvey's brown ale.