Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Tidying from my chair.

It might be considered that I have been busy doing nothing.
I could have and should have done more tangible things, but I didn't feel like it.
I have spent a long time tidying and re-arranging - and remained sitting down to do it all.
I continued with my project of re-arranging all the pictures on my computer - and deleting a fair few that were relevant when taken, but no longer needed; as well as many that really were never very interesting.
There are so many lovely family pictures which are making me feel nostalgic for those days.
And I feel a sadness when I see the photographs that Bill has taken. The skill seems to have deserted him now.

The past is over, but I am not feeling content about the way the future may be unfolding.
It may be that Bill's problems may be easier to manage than in some cases - he is asleep for about half the 24 hours in the day (or more).
Tomorrow we are going out to lunch with my friend, Marion. I would quite like to go and have lunch with her on my own - but of course Bill wants to come too.
And I am glad that he will get out of the house - away from the bed or his arm chair.