Thursday, September 12, 2013


Nutbourne. Sussex.

Just twelve hours ago I had not heard of Nutbourne.
How can that be - a Sussex village/hamlet that had completely escaped my radar.
I had the OS map with me as we breakfasted in Littlehampton.......I spotted Nutbourne which could be on our way home.
I used my phone to get some information about the place.....after all it could have just been a sort of suburb of Pulborough.
But no, it looked like it would have something of interest.
Our first port of call was The Rising Sun. In a village with no church and no shop, the pub would be the centre of the community.

It is a very rustic pub.

1910. Only the amount of greenery decking the wall of the pub has changed.

Well, I just had to try a half of Bedlam didn't I?
It is a Sussex beer, brewed at a small brewery at Albourne. It was tasty.

The furniture was solid rustic wood.

I chatted with the landlord about the village. I wondered about the lives of village people.
It is not a village for the "peasants" these days.
He said that generally the residents were wealthy and many retired. They were not using his pub at lunchtime.

Houses were attractive and large.

We were walking to the tower of a 19th century windmill.......without realising that it is now a focal point of a successful vineyard.

We hoped we were on the right path......

We could always ask this "peasant".
But this well dressed scarecrow  made no comment.

We were certainly in a vineyard.

The windmill now houses a wine tasting centre.

It's quite an enterprise.......but we saw nobody.

Such a sleepy place!
The dog opened an eye lazily, but was not interested in us.

We walked back to the village street, passing the mill pond.

An interesting day.