Thursday, September 19, 2013


All at sea.

Haven't felt good today.......not ill, but sort of angry or anxious.
Today I have sore places in my mouth - inevitable of course. But bother! Pity my teeth have failed me.
B has slept a lot today.
I made a cup of tea this morning for him at about half past eight; but he went back to sleep again. I decided to disturb him again at about 11 o'clock. He was back on the bed during the afternoon; I don't know if he was sleeping because I was being busy.
The weather of the day made me feel negative too. Looking forward to the weekend when we are promised some sunshine again.
I have described another dozen things for Ebay. Good grief! I am even cross that there are no bids yet! Only 6 hours since they were listed and there has been interest.
Particularly interesting is a diary from 1893 kept by a ship's doctor on his voyage to Australia, during his stay there and his return journey via Rio, where his ship got caught up in a rebellion and was under fire.
I know his name - and know things about him - but I can't read his writing well enough to name the ships he was on.
He is Charles Robert Arnold Sutton, born December 1863 in Nottingham, son of a vicar.
He married Charlotte Amelia and I know they lost one son in 1918 in France. They were living in Kent by then.
Yes, I did a little genealogical research. But it doesn't help me with the name of the ship.

These are pages I chose at random for the EBay description. Most if it is readable - but there are words I fail to read. Some pages have a lot more writing, so it is smaller and is even more difficult to make out.
If anybody wants to help I could photograph the page with the name of the ship.
Well anxiety is tiring.
Tomorrow will be another day. I might do some more Ebay work.