Tuesday, September 17, 2013



A quiet day.
I had no urge to go anywhere. It was chilly and wet.
Fed up already of socks and jumpers.
I have continued to sort old photographs - not many more from 2007 to sort through.
I have all my photos as a rolling random screen saver and Bill loves to look at them.
This afternoon I made a large bread pudding - oh, it is so good!
And that has been my day.
In contrast tomorrow will be busy.
Dentist in the morning - wonder how the new dentures will feel. I hope they are not too uncomfortable. I would like to return to my resolution of spending almost no time without my dentures in my mouth.
Maybe this evening was the last meal during which I have to remove my teeth because the old denture is so insecure.
In the afternoon we are going to see a timekeeping friend and look forward to returning with apples.
In the evening I/we will be baby sitting.

Here is a picture from August 2007.