Monday, September 16, 2013


An elephant never forgets.

A quiet day in the shop.
This morning I prepared some of my things for sale.
One book gave us a laugh and then sadness for me.
Yesterday I bought a 1950's book of nursery rhymes with a simple piano accompaniment. Some of the rhymes were familiar - though I think the given tunes were not. Other rhymes were new to me and I read them to Bill and some made us laugh.
There was one about having a ride on an elephant.
Bill commented that he had never ridden on an elephant.
But he has!
In 2004 we went for a wonderful elephant ride in Thailand. It was particularly good because we were able to get off the beaten track......we were not on a dusty cramped elephant patch by the road; we were out on the hills and the jungle.

Actually it was just a bit scary up there - scary and thrilling.
This morning Bill insisted that he didn't remember doing this.
Now he has seen some photographs he says that he does remember - but maybe it's easier to say that when you have the evidence in front of you.
I felt so sad that our good memories were slipping away from him.
I had already been surprised to be answering the question "What happened to her?" for a second time.
They were talking, on TV, about Princess Diana and the slightly (or very) shoddy film made about her.
Bill knows nothing of the car crash or the media frenzy that followed.
He justified this by saying it was not something that directly concerned him.
And then he fails to remember that elephant ride.
But its not the memory that gets me down. I can feel surprised, but not cross.
But I do feel cross about the frequent (seems like constant to me sometimes) slapping, clapping, tapping which he does very loudly. If he's not doing that he makes noises with his mouth or his breathing.
I was grateful that Steve took him out to lunch and I had a short break of peace.
Steve and I have talked about the future.
Already I have said that if somebody wants the section, then let them have it.
I would like Bill to continue for longer - but how long is wise?
This evening people came in just a couple of minute's before closing. Yes - we all inwardly curse when that happens. But Bill expressed his annoyance by saying extremely curtly (rudely) - that we would close in 2 minutes.
That is just not on!
If he is given medication then perhaps we won't feel so pressurised to make a decision.
As things stand he can't go on beyond Christmas.
I have told Steve that all the time Bill has the section I will make sure that the duty is covered - even if I have to pay somebody to do it. Though I might be able to find a volunteer friend who would value a day out.
Steve has promised that he will be at the shop on Mondays to do more of the restoration work that the building needs; and now he owns the shop it is his responsibility.
Somehow we will work it out. There might be a grand sale for the 6 weeks before Christmas.
No decisions will be made for a while - certainly we need to see the specialist first.
Tomorrow I might start sorting out computer needs. There have been no further problems - but I want a machine I can trust.
Family and friends have helped analyse things and we assume that I have a fan problem - maybe the fan that works (or doesn't work) on the switch mechanism.
Time to settle now with a cuppa. Goodnight.