Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Each time a new bit of plastic comes into my life there is adjusting to be done.
Well, more like into my body, I mean.
This morning I received my permanent dentures - top and bottom. They slipped in like a jagged edges to cut my gums to shreds.
But it feels really odd and uncomfortable  at the moment. Eating, drinking and even talking are not yet done without thinking about it.
I am sure my new bits of plastic will soon blend into my life and be only occasionally a nuisance.
It was just my bad luck that another very necessary bit of plastic had one of its own occasional nuisance moments just as I went into the dentist.
My wee bag leaked!
So that was this morning.
This afternoon I was happy to concentrate on other things - chatting about families and life with old friends; well, not really "old", Stella!
I have apples, from their beautiful garden, to stew - will do that tomorrow. Plums are already being enjoyed; they are lovely - at their best, victoria plums are my favourite fruits.
Thank you Stella.
This evening we had the easiest of baby sitting jobs.
The babes......aged 6 and 5, were very much ready for sleep when we arrived. I said a quick goodnight and that was it.
Tomorrow will be a quiet day - a day to get some more things on EBay maybe,
We have decided that, looking at weather forecasts, Saturday will be the best day for our trip to the Ford car boot sale.