Sunday, September 22, 2013



I enjoyed a morning out. I hope Bill enjoyed a morning in bed.
I enjoyed strolling amongst the stalls in a field below Devil's Dyke.
And I found things.

Taking centre stage is a meat safe. It is the second one I have had like this. I think it dates from the 1930s.
I also bought 3 more pounds of Victoria plums. The ones from Stella and others I bought yesterday have all gone. It seems that Bill took relishes Victoria plums.
I bought 2 jars of plum jam too, for 75p each.......even if you have a plum tree to supply the fruit there can't have been much profit for the seller.
And I was happy to meet up with 2 old friends, Lee and Louise. They are just young enough for me to have known them when I did supply teaching at the local school in the 1970s. They are lovely people.

After a quick lunch we, at last, got birthday presents to my nephew......he is now just 5 years old.
Presents from Monkland tend to be of the second hand variety but appreciated nevertheless.
I presume the previous owner didn't appreciate the remote controlled rat.....brand new, never been out of the box.
Otto and his brother certainly appreciated it!

On the way home we popped into Asda - I decided to get in some supplies of soft food to ease the sore mouth.
It has felt a bit better today - I shall have to persevere with the good mouthwash and the adult gel for ores in the mouth; and try not to allow the bottom teeth to continally push up on the top plate.
So, I have soya milk and soya yoghurt and some soft oats which I can have for breakfast.
Came out with more than that, of course.

Things I want to take to the shop are now in the car and I shall have to right them up and price them during the day tomorrow.
I fancy a restful evening now.
Will I sleep through The Antiques Road show?