Monday, September 23, 2013


Mostly Bill's things

I've been busy.
There have been things to arrange in the shop - my new things that I found over the weekend.
And then I decided to rearrange Bill's open shelves.
There have been customers too - good to see Bill successfully dealing with them.
Steve has been in too - being busy on some renovation work and starting to sort out his section.

I thought my birdcage looked really good as part of the new window display.

Bother - I now see something that I forgot to put a price ticket on today.

When Bill is dealing with customers it is easy to forget that he has problems; but I can think of two more examples of blank memory from today.
I mentioned, to Steve, that our Thai daughter in law has a son from a previous relationship. Bill claimed never to have known this.                

I was indoors all day - didn't go anywhere outside the shop.
So I didn't realise what a lovely day it turned out to be.
It should be much the same tomorrow, so I plan that we will go out in the afternoon.