Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The Bull at Shermanbury.

Today we had a trip to Shermanbury.
What is Shermanbury? Well, nominally it is a village, but I didn't see it as that. There is some ribbon development of bungalows along the main road and some big houses tucked away.
The small church is even more tucked away.
We started out walk at The Bull - but that was after a happy lunch in a great country pub.
The walk was longer than we wanted, because despite large scale maps, we lost footpaths. But more of that tomorrow.
For now we can stay at The Bull.

What a lovely thing to do with baskets!

I am keeping this in mind for the antiques shop in Dorking.

The Bull has its own skittle alley.
Lovely old wooden skittles and bowls.

Bill is just posing.
We would love to have a game one day - but not just before lunch would reach our table.

Bill had a pizza - a small lunchtime pizza.
There are about 20 pizzas on the menu and each can be freshly prepared.
Bill had a herdsman's pizza topped with bacon, mushrooms, sausage, egg and slices of fresh tomato (the latter he gave to me).

I had pasta and meatballs - also freshly prepared.

There is a huge garden with seating - mostly picnic tables, which I find very uncomfortable.
There is a great playground at the far end of the garden. I look forward to taking my nephews there sometime.

This was the cheery sight that greeted as we finally made our way back.......just got climb over the stile first.
We didn't stop for a second drink because I wondered when the little farm shop close by would close.
I wanted to buy wine.

St Hugh's Charterhouse is, I guess just outside the Shermanbury boundary.
The monks have a stunning building - though I have only ever seen the tall steeple which is  local landmark,
We had a a glass of the apple wine this evening and it is very good.