Friday, September 27, 2013


Friday things.

"Where do I have to go?"
He must have asked that more than half a dozen times.
Blood tests have always been done at the hospital........and so off we went.
Very quickly it was done and Bill could eat again.
I decided he could make up for missing Littlehampton yesterday, by going to Horley for his eggs Benedict.
Now he's talking about going down to Ford tomorrow. Well, if he wants to, I will be happy.
This afternoon B was out mowing the meadows......that has to be how I describe our lawns.
I was out in the garage.
There is a possibility that we will be doing a boot sale on Sunday.....have  a pitch next to sister R and her boys.
A lot depends on whether she can get her stuff ready......and the weather.
My stuff is now ready - so any time will do.
And that has been today.
I have been thinking about Uncle Gordon whose funeral it was today.
He's not my uncle - he belongs to my sister in law in Wiltshire.
I didn't meet Uncle Gordon very often, but I enjoyed the way his eyes sparkled and he almost flirted with me.