Thursday, September 26, 2013


Ford and Littlehampton.

Six years ago I went to Thailand on my own, leaving Bill at home.
"Aren't you brave?" people said.
Somehow, I didn't feel it was any big deal really.
And yet, on days like today, when I drove down to Ford and then into Littlehampton on my own, it felt a little bit daring.
But I also felt a tremendous sense of freedom and peace.
I filled the trolley with all sorts of things that hopefully will make some money in the shop.

Before I went to Littlehampton, I called in at Ford Prison. It is an open prison where prisoners are given useful work to do, learn trades etc.
The prisoners have gardens to work in and sell the produce  and plants in the shop.
Lovely runner beans!

I bought  a paper to take into The George, where I ordered toast and jam and had 2 mugs of tea for £2.09. I was there for an hour or so, relaxing.
Then I went for a walk - along the river and along the beach.

Harbour reflection. As seen in the dirty window of the old green hut by the river.