Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Challenges completed and more to come.

We didn't do all that I planned - but we did get out.
I had planned that we might have a stroll round the gardens at Nymans- but that didn't happen because we spent so long in one of Nyman's cottages.
My friend Marion lives in one of the cottages on the estate.
She plied us with bacon rolls and tea and she and I talked and talked.
We talked of finances.....a subject I am notably bad at. So is she, but having been widowed a couple of years ago she has had to learn.
Like me she would like to get affairs simplified.
Well, that is easier for me - for our finances are really quite limited and what we do have is in joint bank accounts.
She has prompted me to instigate having wills made.
Her husband had done a will - but so many years ago it was actually irrelevant.
We should have done it years ago too........but at least we don't have a will that needs updating.
We talked also of getting power of attorney.
It is something that must be done.
I must make an appointment to discuss things with the bank manager too - just to get everything simplified.
Thank you to Facebook friends who have given advice.
Quite a challenge for me......but it would feel so good to be sort of top of things.

The jigsaw challenge I have been doing is now completed. I bought 4 last Thursday at Ford. It is quite some while since I have bought jigsaws to sell.

It is from a series called Good Companions. The first 130 date from the 1950s and 60s and are a wonderful depiction of life - the social scene, the work place, transport etc.
I find them very attractive.

My other achievement (hardly very notable) was to cook a meal from scratch using a recipe book.
I deliberately chose a recipe that wouldn't give too much strong flavour to Bill.
Maybe even he found it could have done with a bit more seasoning.
It was chicken and bacon done in a wine and cream sauce with pasta.
Perhaps he didn't like the pasta......where's my spuds woman?

Time for bed soon.#
I think I shall encourage Bill to get up earlier than he did today. Maybe he does better without that long sleep.
This morning he queried with me as to the whereabouts of Asda.
When I said it was in the town, he then asked me where we would park.
I guess we call in there  about 3 times every week - but he was confused.
When Morrisons open I might confuse him more and opt for that supermarket instead.
I have an American friend who tries to persuade people to have nothing to do with Walmart - and that is the company which now owns Asda.
Though I do believe that Asda is more ethically sound than Walmart.
I just got sidetracked......where did the name come from?
Well in 1965 (long before the Walmart days) a merger took place between a small company called Asquith's and a larger chain called Associated Dairies........and Asda was formed as a combination of Asquith and Dairies.

But we won't be going to Asda tomorrow.
I think it will stay dry - so maybe we'll have that stroll around Nymans. Though I have a yearning for more village exploration and have my sights set on Fulking.