Thursday, October 03, 2013


Work day.

Much done today.
First I got to work with the iron, whilst Bill slept on in bed.
After breakfast (late again)  I took cleaning cloths to the bathroom. I do like gleaming taps!
All that bending and stretching is hard work.
Then we had to pop out for bread, milk and coffee.
As I continued to clean I pushed Bill into duties......he changed the bedding on our bed. He has done it for years.
I think he would rather have dozed - but he can understand that he should do things when he is able..
After lunch I worked on the form I have to complete before Bill goes the memory clinic tomorrow.
It was hard.
Its not as though I haven't expressed in words how Bill is - but this seemed so official.
And it was hard because I kept thinking "Yes, but......."
I had to assess his behaviour on a scale of 1 to 5.
For example - "He asks the same questions over and over again".
I put the answer as DAILY.......I had the option for CONSTANTLY. But of course its not constant because he is sleeping/dozing too.
I am anxious about tomorrow. I am guessing this is just a preliminary visit and more time must elapse before anything much us done.
Surely, please, he can have the medication immediately? But the person we are seeing is a memory assessment nurse, not a doctor.
I will be firm. I have no fears of medical people - I have had many opportunities for learning how best to discuss problems.
I have made another bread pudding today. We'll have a piece in a short while with our a cuppa.
And I cooked a meal from a recipe book.....honey mustard chicken with parsnips. It was very good.
And I have finished another jigsaw puzzle - complete, I am glad to say.