Sunday, October 06, 2013


French Market

It became a beautiful day, that sunrise mist soon burned away.
But did I do right? Bill, at first, said he wanted to stay in bed.
I accepted that - maybe it wasn't me pushing him that got him, washed, dressed and breakfasted in time to go to the car boot sale.
We went to the one close to Poynings.
I bought interesting bits and pieces.
But I specially like my new boots - they cost me £5.

The M&S jacket cost me £3.
That was good buying to serve me through the winter.

We came home via Horsham. There would be a French market there and a retro market.......didn't see much of the latter.
But it was a happy market and I enjoyed being there......did Bill? I don't think so. I think it was too far outside his cosy box.
I wanted to buy food from the French stalls.....he was afraid of it. I couldn't even persuade him that cheesy boiled potatoes and bacon would be OK.
In the end we went into Subway......where we have never been before. I could become a fan; don't think Bill would want to return - there were too many choices. Which roll? Which filling? Which salad? Which sauce? (easy for Bill.....sauces are now off the menu, even the brown sauce that he always used to have). I had a delicious filled roll with turkey and ham, tomatoes and onions and a honey mustard sauce.
We ate outside enjoying the music duo performing 60s music.
We wandered amongst the stalls, me taking pictures and being tempted by a few thing. Looking back, I wish I had allowed myself to have succumbed to more!

Balloon man on stilts................................................................monsieur et le nougat

Bread and buns ready for the oven...

and some items ready for eating.

Look good don't they?

Wish I had bought one.

Wish I had enquired about the children's jackets..... would have made great "Welcome" gifts for our most recent great nieces.

The mythical "sky hook".

The rice looks good - but I still had my heart set on something else. Beyond is the cheesy potato meal, that Bill turned away from.

Sawadee ka!!!! This was where I was heading. I wanted some Thai food cooked for me by a Thai woman.
We had already eaten our Subway rolls so I got a dish of penang pork and rice to bring home and put in the fridge for tomorrow evening. Couldn't have it tonight because I already had food sorted, which Bill would like.

Thai street food in Horsham Carfax.
Got a couple of chicken satay sticks.

Home then for an afternoon of rest......and some eating.


Meanwhile in Thailand more simple food was being's vegetarian festival time. That's ten days of simple eating.
Actually I would love to be there eating these things with a cup of longan juice and lots of ice.