Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Working from home.

Today has been a buying and selling day at home.
I have photographed more things for EBay and described them and then dealt with other things that were finishing on EBay today.
And of course I have dealt with wrapping and payments.
The item I have described this time which interests me the most is a book.....Here Comes Muffin.
Now when Muffin began his TV career our family  didn't have a television, so I knew nothing of Muffin and his friends. I think I can recall hearing the Muffin song from other children.
I bought the book, without a dust wrapper to take to the shop for selling.
In fact it has been to the shop and when I picked it up from the box to price up I had a very pleasant surprise.

"Ah" I thought......."perhaps this Muffin book should find a wider public on EBay"

Annette Mills wrote the books and presented the programmes and Ann Hogarth designed the puppets.

It has watchers - but no bidders yet.
The honour of the first item to get a bid this week goes to an early OS map of Northampton and District.

The 1946 Rupert Annual sold well as did a Phantom Comic Annual of 1967; the latter will be posted to India in the morning.

I created a tasty sausage casserole this afternoon, whilst Bill mowed lawns.
I thought he might not get there - he slept or did nothing all morning.
He hasn't asked or commented about my EBay dealings.
In a way that is not new......he has never been very interested in the big wide world, even my world.
That's an autistic trait isn't it? I am quite used to his lack of interest and praise in things that I do.

I finish with a joke - with no apologies to Michael Gove! I do apologise to any people I care about who might not enjoy having Michael Gove attacked.
But I think I am sufficiently qualified to comment that he really hasn't got a clue!