Friday, October 11, 2013



Pull the curtains over early.....who wants to look out at the weather we have seen today?
Fortunately I got the outdoor tasks over and done with before the rain got worse and worse.
Bill didn't get up until gone 11 o'clock.
In that time I managed to sort out a solicitor.
We will go and meet her next Tuesday morning.
I am nervous now that Bill won't be with it enough or co-operative enough to look like he is in possession of full faculties so as to agree to things legal and sign them.
Let's be honest......time might be running out.
I have a good feeling about the solicitor - for the daftest of reasons. The woman we will see is named Stella - the same name as the memory nurse who we saw last Friday.
I look forward to having the wheels in motion.
When Bill was finally up we had to go out. The first stop was the hospital for one of his regular blood tests.
Then we did a fairly big week's shop in Asda.
In the biscuit aisle I saw Bill floundering. I had bought some biscuits thatI like - Bill wanted chocolate digestives (same things every time). I told him to go and pick up a packet....only about 6 feet from us. "I don't know where they are" he pleaded. I pointed and he did go and find his own biscuits.
Is that the sum total of Bill's achievements?
And then home via the post office to post the last of this week's ebay parcels. The Rupert Annual was the last to go.
This afternoon I closed the on line bank account.
It was very easy to do because I could just transfer the money on line to Santander.
The ING account hasn't been used for almost a year......and I hadn't realised it had been taken over by Barclays.
I made a big beef casserole and a bread pudding was cooked this evening.
I finished another jig saw puzzle.
I have felt quite tetchy and tense today....a bit out of my comfort zone really and of course with no interest whatsover from Bill.
Today I felt quite cross that when I began to explain something to him, he just banged on the furniture.
He did that several times.
You might think its a positive protest on his part - but he doesn't know he is doing it.
And he can't seem to take on board information I am giving,
Ah well.......what will be, will be.
And tomorrow will be a shop day - that will be good.
A stress free day for me because Bill has opted not to come. He doesn't have to do the Saturday duties.