Saturday, October 12, 2013


A pen story.

Oh I am tired tonight.
For quite a long time I have been waking much too early in the morning - that might be the cause of my tiredness along with the stress at the moment.
I shall be in bed soon.
I can look back on quite a busy day in the shop - and a very pleasant day.
I can look back with some guilt too - I think I have ripped somebody off - completely unintentionally.
A couple of ladies bought stuff in that they wanted to sell - mostly very second rate old stuff that probably nobody would want.
They had a fountain pen in  a box. Now I use fountain pens - much pefer to write with one. So I made a paltry offer; I acknowledged that I knew nothing about pens as collectables but would love to use this pen.
The women did think the offer was too paltry and Nigel persuaded me to double it up. I paid £10.

I had no idea that fountain pens could be so special or expensive.
It is unlike the old scratchy Platignum pen I used in my school days.
Nigel explained to me later that I had a bargain. The pen is in rolled gold and the nib is solid gold.
Well, of course it is worth more than £10.
I won't be using it - this pen will have to be sold and I might expect to get anything above about £70.
I might even be able to give the woman a bit more for it. I feel I should. They are due to be in the shop again next Saturday to see Jo.
Maybe I am daft, but it does seem that I have, inadvertantly, been in the wrong.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is for more heavy rain.
But I think we should get out - even Bill might feel the need. I think he was bored at home, alone.
When I got back home this afternoon he was just sitting in his chair - doing nothing, not even watching TV.
Is it psychological? Is it physical?
Why has he switched off?
Anyway, the plan is to go to an antiques fair in Hove Town Hall tomorrow.