Sunday, October 13, 2013


Dare we hope?

One swallow doesn't make a spring........though that is a beautiful thought.
And one good day does not ease our problems.
But things have sent me thinking and looking for solutions to our problems.
At the time, I didn't wonder about Bill's invitation to attend our GPs for a review of his methotrexate; that's the drug he has been taking for nigh on 10 years for rheumatoid arthritis.
Why now?
After 10 years with no such review, why now?
I have asked the rheumatologist about any connection with memory problems and methotrexate.
He might not have heard of such a thing - but what does Dr Oliver (one of our GPs) know?
I know, I know..... this might just be coincidence and routine.
But I have been checking on reports and research about this drug.
Yes, there is a rare, but reported connection with memory problems.
And yes, there are reports of a connection between the drug and excessive sleep.
There are even reports (a bit tenuous, or I don't understand them) of a link between methotrexate and autism.
It just left me wondering about it all.
I have also been thinking about something Steve said whilst I was at the shop yesterday. Bill and Steve have been going to the pub for lunch together for some time when we are in Dorkling. Steve told me that when they are in the pub Bill is just as he has always been.
So, OK......I thought, it must be me that has set Bill on this path.
Maybe that is true.......but I, alone, cannot create dementia in another person.
And maybe I am clutching at straws again.
But you know what? The last time I reported that we had enjoyed a good day was a Sunday.....almost a whole week since the last methotrexate dose. It is a drug you just once a week because of the power of it.
Reports say, though, that to clear the system completely of this drug can take much, much longer than a week.

So what has made this a good day?
Certainly not the weather!
It has been free of tension and Bill has been good company.
Perhaps the fact that he sorted my electric clock in the kitchen is the achievement. It is so long since Bill has been ready, willing and able to attempt to fix anything - and that has always been something he has been so good at.
The clock wasn't working and now it is.
Perhaps he was inspired by the fact that we saw the same clock at the art deco fair we went to at Hove Town Hall.

The clock is on the left hand side on a cupboard. Mine is on the bread bin in the kitchen.

I enjoyed the fair.....almost every stall was crammed with things I would have loved to have owned.
But I was restrained - spent very little.
I spent quite a while chatting with a pen dealer.

His pens date from the art deco period - 1920s and 1930s.
I asked him about the Sheaffer pen I bought yesterday.
He reassured me that whilst I hadn't been over generous towards the woman selling, neither had I ripped her off, even inadvertently.
He thinks my 1970s pen would be worth about £40.
I think it is one I shall keep at home and use.
My other fountain pen, a Parker, I can keep in my bag. He says it would sell for about £15 and it is a good everyday pen.
I felt relieved.
One dealer there today we know quite well.

This is Hilary, who has a cabinet in the Dorking shop.

Her passion is early plastic jewellery and I have never seen such a fine array of it.
It is not in the shop in any quantity.....maybe it is not what Dorking people want to see and buy.

This necklace has such character and I think it is chaming

I think it was this framed poster that I just might have succumbed to.

We could have had tea (in plastic cups) and cake at the fair......but we opted to wander along to George Street and have our little something in The Cliftonville (Wetherspoons).
Guess what? Once we were there Bill decided on eggs benedict.
The Cliftonville doesn't ooze character - but the pictures on the wall gave an indication of life in George Street in the past.
A couple of women, high on ego , drink or drugs put on a bit of a floor show! One began shouting at a young man and continued, getting ever louder and more abusive.
They were persuaded to leave - I wonder if they were apprehended. A couple of police personnel came and took statements.
It was till raining when we came out.
So, home we went.
I wax polished the high chair during the afternoon - it will go to the shop tomorrow.
We enjoyed a roast beef dinner and drank quite a bit of a cheap red wine, which was surprisingly good. We went in the Co-op close to Hove Town Hall and bought the cheapest wine they had!
So, a lovely day.
It is good to feel some hope. Time will tell if it is an unjustified hope.