Monday, October 14, 2013


Monday this and that.

What do you get when you combine over indulgence, with being over tired and overstressed?
Put simply - you get a need for immodium, pancreas pain and a headache.

Silly me! But it is only the first of those three which I have any control over.
I seem not to be able to control the lack of sleep just now. I was awake before 4 o'clock this morning.
Probably tied in with being over stressed. I seem calm and collected and in control to others, but there is one topic that dominates my thinking and stresses me.

We were in the shop today. I quickly did a re-shuffle so as to get the high chair on show.
I priced things up.
Jo rang and asked me to see if I could put some lettering on our A board that goes outside the shop when we are open.
She re-painted the board last week. We had things on there that were out of date....and just recently the A board pulled people in to ask about repairs to their barometer. Well, the barometer man left some time ago.
I wanted the message to be simple - one passers by could read as they passed......and then maybe not pass!

I put more on the other give people sitting in their cars, waiting for the traffic lights, something to think about.

Not the world's best lettering!
I felt it best not to worry about perfection.....that would have been doomed to failure anyway.

I just got on with it.

If others think it can be done better - then let them do it.
But it is never a good idea to leave things for "Somebody"......because Mr Somebody likes to leave it to Mr Anybody.

I bought the art deco cake plate yesterday at the fair we went to.

I loved it, and paid a bit more than I wanted for it.
But I hope it will catch the eye as it did mine.

There have been customers too......Mondays tend to be reasonably good for selling.
There was a couple buying silver plate to take back to their home in Columbia. They spent well.
An older gentleman, who nearly didn't come in because we didn't have what he wanted a couple of weeks ago, was delighted that I found him 2 pieces of commemorative royal china for very little money. He was delighted and enjoyed chatting for quite a while. He will be back.

Bed time soon. I haven't seen the BBC Crimewatch programme featuring the disappeared Madeleine McCann. It is quite hard not to feel touched by what happened.
But why her, and not all the other disappeared children?
And why now?
My cynicism even leads me to wonder if the new leads have much basis in fact. So much time and money is being invested in trying to find the truth - and very publically backed by David Cameron.
Action was needed to be seen and good results seen too.
So many people seem to have things to gain from keeping Madeleine in the news and from letting us believe that the truth is possible to find.
Most of all, of course, her parents have the dream that there is something to be gained.
Poor are being used!
But how happy I would be if I was wrong.