Thursday, October 17, 2013


The Thursday trip.

I dressed this morning as if setting off for the Antarctic!
As we drove to Ford, we wondered if we should be going at all....the rain was so heavy.
"Don't worry" I said - "on the other side of The Downs it will be fine; and it was.

Almost Mediterranean like!

I bought well at Ford.

There were other things, too, and quite a few books.

By the time we had finished, almost all the Antarctic layers of clothes had been removed.
It felt warm and we enjoyed a walk by the river.

Lots of people walking by the river.

Many people ambled along in the autumn sunshine with dogs.

This is Rufus.

Birds were singing noisily.

On the way home we stopped in Billingshurst for a drink.
We chose The Six Bells.

We had a brief stroll in Billingshurst.

Not my picture.
Major repairs were going on and I just couldn't avoid scaffolding.

Part of the main street.

There is much new development around Billingshurst these days.