Thursday, October 24, 2013


Lovely day

Today was a little gem - amongst the days of dullness or storminess.
It was a day with a blue sky.
It was a day out.
We were late setting off for fault. I heard the alarm well before dawn; I switched it off; and slept for another hour.
The journey was lovely - watching our world wake up and warm up.

That's the River Arun as it meanders across the meadows near Amberley.
I took this from the car as we drove along.  Not bad eh?

There were lots of stall at Ford, and, as ever, I was looking for the unusual.
I have come home with old legal documents - late Victorian and into the 20th century.
They will take some reading and understanding.
One concerns dealings of Leah Keppel. I shall have to discover if Leah is of the Keppel family very much connected with the Royal Family.
Some others are connected with The Cocoa Tree Club - a gentleman's club in London.
Lots of interesting research is now on the agenda.
I bought other things of course and then there were the things I just walked away with, without paying.
No, I have not turned into a petty thief.
The house clearance guy had obviously made his money and saw boxes of things that he would have to dispose of.
So - he just said it was all free......take it away.
It included a coffee table with a magazine holder.I had that. And lots of other bits and pieces.
I'll photograph them tomorrow.
We saw our Wetherspoon's friends, Harry and Brian at Ford. Harry is getting frustrated as he sees that different medical departments dealing with Brian are not co-ordinating well. Brian is the one in a wheel chair, who is almost certainly dying........but "they" want to do a second biopsy. H and B would not be in Wetherspoon's - they were off to the hospital.
We were late to The George of course.
We met some of the people we know.
After we had eaten our food we took our second mugs of tea/coffee to seats away from the tables. It had got rather noisy with the arrival of about 8 severely disabled people in chairs and their animated volunteer careers. They were all enjoying a grand day out.
We went and made a new friend - Alan. His family business had been  supplying the theatrical and modelling world with dresses, accessories, sequins, "diamond" stones etc etc. He had travelled all over the country with samples and dresses he had designed and met fascinating people.
We came home via Charlie's....a farm shop we had not visited before. It is just outside Bury village.
It was good......the butcher stopped plucking the large pheasant and served us 4 sausages - 2 Charlie's specials (with apple and cider) and 2 Bury bangers.
We also bought a tub of home made icecream - lemon meringue pie ice cream.
We had a little of that with thinly sliced kiwi fruit with the hot drinks we made when we got in.
And then we both fell asleep.
It is just as well that I woke when I did or Bill would have been late for his appointment for a flu jab.
So, what with business and sleeping I have hardly looked at all the things I brought home from Ford.
Tomorrow I shall have my flu jab, B12 jab and BP check etc.
Then we will be in Brighton for Bill's MRI scan.
We will have time to go to the marina afterwards for a little something. Then later in the afternoon he has an appointment with Dr O for a methotrexate review.