Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Bargain Hunt in Dorking. West Street. Pilgrims Antiques.

Lovely day really - spent with some of my friends in Pilgrims.
Our hopes were raised when camera men came in and shot some film of items and cabinets.
I took them to my section to film the high chair and bird cage.

Obviously not what the programme makers were looking for.
Their story was to be about higher level antiques, all from one shop, which I am fairly sure have no hope of leading to a profit when sold at auction.
Programme makers don't want to faff about, lugging equipment from shop to shop.
They want their story "in the can" as quickly and cheaply as possible.
We saw nobody else from Bargain Hunt today.....a glimpse of Tim Wannacott through the shop window, swaggering with his pink scarf fluttering in the wind.
Did he look a little sheepish as our eyes briefly met?
He would know that people in our shop would feel let down at having been ignored.
Shame I didn't meet Thomas Plant - one of my favourites amongst the TV experts.
But we were happy - we know we appeal to "real" people.......both other dealers and the general public.

So the day, which began with some intensity of expectation evolved into a lovely normal shop day, with cups of tea and cake.
Lots of chat and laughter.......and the customers join in.
Yes, we had customers, buying all sorts of things.
We know our niche......and it is to be a very approachable friendly shop with items of very many styles and prices. The cheapest item sold today was £1 and we value the buyer as much as any other buyer and also those that don't buy this time.

Actually one of us did sell something to Bargain Hunt contestants. He has a cabinet in the bigger, smarter shop as well.
He was most peeved that the guy in that shop took over the selling of a large metal lion when he could have been there within 30 seconds.
He has yet to find his 5 minutes of TV fame!

My one regret of the day is that, as we waited, I gave the floor another clean; how I wish I had taken our home mop in! Instead I was bending to clean and scrub the floor and tonight my back hurts a lot.
But no regrets that the TV programme prompted us to think a little more about dust and dirt and untidiness.
The shop feels like a second home amongst an extended family......and just like in many homes the good intentions will probably fade.

Good luck to the today's contestants - would advise you don't get too optimistic about a fortune to be made.
I am sure you have had a wonderful time.