Saturday, October 19, 2013


VIntage Cuckfield.

Got up early to dust, polish, tidy and generally clean.
Downstairs is looking good and the dining room table is almost was for a while.
The weather hasn't been good - well, not whilst we were out.
We went to Cuckfield (pronounce Cookfield).
We knew about the vintage fair from some old friends of ours.
Vintage tends to mean anything that has some old fashioned style - the things might date from any era of the 20th century. Some things date from that time; other things are newly made or converted or played with to create a style from any of those years.
People who have stalls at such a fair work hard on display and things look good and are very appealing.
Things tend to be very decorative and also useful.
I could describe myself as a seller of vintage items.
Misty and Avalon were selling at the fair......19 year old twins who we have known a little since birth. I have know their mother since she was a primary school age child and and I met her in a classroom. And their father was in the athletics club - about 3 years older than our Jamie, but both competing in the same Young Athlete's Team.
I loved Misty and Avalon's stall.
My eyes were immediately drawn to an item that I saw after they had bought it at the Poynings car boot sale. I coveted it then and today had the chance to buy it.

I think it would be great for hanging scarves and necklaces on.

Their web site shows the wonderful cards that they make.

I want to talk to Monika about their work for I know it would do well in her shop and would sell for more than they are charging at the moment.

 I couldn't resist this 1920's style hat. Great for the winter.
We enjoyed a cup of tea and a wonderful slice of cake and chatted with the girls' grandmother.

Then we went for a walk in the rain in Cuckfield.
Shame it was raining or we would have made more of a day of it; it was a special day in Cuckfield.
It is just a small town but they have their own mayor.
In 1965, having been refused permission to continue holding the money making donkey derby on land that had become playing fields, Cuckfield rebelled and became The Independent State of Cuckfield.
The money making for local charities had to continue and this was done that year and ever since by the voting for the Cuckfield mayor each October. Anybody can vote and each vote costs just 1p.
People pay for a lot of votes or few votes as they wish and can afford.
The voting for this year took place yesterday evening and today was the day of the parade, based on The Lord Mayor's Show in London.
It would have been fun to see it.
But Bill didn't fancy hanging around. Next year maybe.

The High Street would be closed to traffic later.

Cuckfield is lovely and its best feature, to me, is a tree.

I love this cedar tree.
There are lots of lovely old buildings too.

The pavements are all red brick - and I think they look so good, particularly in the rain when they glisten and shine.

More things I bought in Cuckfield. The book is fascinating and just the sort of thing people might get, as a joke present, for newlyweds. It dates from the 1920s.

Nice day. It kept my mind off things.
Nice day in Phuket too.......the Thai Monks now have 2 little ginger and white kittens. Tentatively called Jingle and Jangle. I bet it stays that way.