Monday, October 21, 2013


Preparing to be TV stars.

Wow! We have worked today!
Jo came in and we worked at cleaning and tidying our sections. We both think that the shop should look at its best for every potential customer who comes through the door.
But this week there is a chance that the potential customers will be filmed browsing in the shop, so we want everything extra specially good.
The TV programme Bargain Hunt will be filming in West Street on Wednesday. This is their second visit - and sadly, last year the contestants were not directed to our shop to purchase potential bargains.
Consequently they didn't find any bargains.
Indeed one couple spent £140 on a Japanese tea set, which sold at auction for just £15!!!!
Please let our shop be would be such good publicity.
They will find the floors clean and the shelves and cabinets looking good.
Both Jo and I found that wanting just one thing in pride of place involved a fairly massive re-arrangement.
I wanted the child's high chair very visible and in a place where it could be easily filmed.

So I moved all the  toys and things to the shelves by the high chair.
This meant that all my books had to move to where the toys had been.

If the high chair fails to catch their eye, then maybe the bird cage will be more successful.

The day has not been without its problems.
I arrived to find that my keys were not in my bag - I had a feeling that they just might be inside the shop. I was correct - I had not needed to lock up last Monday and the keys got left behind.
The problem was solve in The Hospice shop.
Claudia who works in the shop quite often volunteers on Monday mornings at the shop and I went to see if she had the shop keys on her.....and she did.
Bill didn't stay very long.
I had phoned the dentist for him this morning to see if he could be seen about a broken tooth that was very jagged and hurting his tongue a lot.
The only time this week was this morning. He had to go - even if I had to be alone in the shop; and I wasn't alone.
I was a bit anxious sending him off on his own back to Crawley. He had been querying where our dentist is......the one we have been going to for 37 years!
Bill's problem is that he thought he had to go to the place of the dentist he had had before that time.
But he got it fixed correctly in his head and he managed just fine.

So a busy and lively day.
And all the better for me because I sold so much. One item that the Bargain Hunt people will not be seeing is the wonderful (I think) 1950s lamp that I bought last week. I took it into the shop this morning and sold it within the hour.

Our day began with a cooked breakfast.....and I have found that I have not wanted much during the day. I had a prawn salad at lunchtime. Bill had his normal cheesy chips - so much easier than thinking. But he found it hard to eat them all and came back to the shop saying that perhaps he wouldn't have cheesy chips again.
Maybe we will be able to pursue the paleolithic regime - with modifications and some cheating.
I just loved the part of that modified diet where the author said....."and if your mother gives you a home baked apple pie, well it would be churlish to refuse"
Tomorrow's medical appointment will be with Dr D to ask what should be done about Bill's belching and to investigate if he has groin hernia developing.
I am guessing that maybe Dr D's advice would be: "Stop eating cheesy chips"