Sunday, October 27, 2013


On the continent.

This has been Day 1 of "the great storm" weekend.
There have been some fierce spells of wind and torrential rain.
I hadn't intended really that we would go out - but we needed some fruit and I thought some meringues would be good. They have the advantage of providing sweetness without stodge.
So, once Bill was up - about 11 o'clock, we got the bus into town.
We had a snack in a delightful cafe in The Broadwalk......owned and run by eastern Europeans.
It was our first visit and is already on my list of good places to be.
We followed this up with more Continental foods.
We have an abundance of small shops run by people who have come from far and wide.
Another opened quite recently.
It is an excellent shop, well stocked and spacious - and with the most amazing cakes and biscuits.

Well, I wanted some meringues. Though for 2 of us we didn't need more than one of these monsters.

And that's tomorrow's dinner sorted.
We have a pork fillet and a chicken fillet.
I am also tempted by the cabbage filled pancakes.

I needed to go to the bank - so we ended up in Queen's Square, completely unaware that a continental market was taking place.
That was fun.

Olives are so beautiful. I love to eat them.
And they always look better on an outside stall than in a supermarket.

Couldn't buy more cakes.
Shame really.

Sand sculpture.

Jolly little garden folk.

In a baker's window.....and you just know that the buns would be mungy sponge and artificial flavours.
Nothing continental about these little monsters - just second rate British mush!

Into Taj - a far eastern shop, for greengrocery.
Spotted the mustered oil!

Home then for tea and cake.

Bill had a custard bun....or should that be custered?
I had a small chocolate and cherry cake - oozing with juice.
But I had to pose with a meringue.

So, all in all, a good trip out for us.
It was spoiled for me by the most scary incident of Bill's problems yet.

We have lived in our house for 44 years.
We have used the bus stop at the end of our short road for most of that time.
When we got off the bus this afternoon, as we have done many times before, Bill stood on the pavement looking confused.
"I think we must have got off at the wrong stop" he said.
He just didn't recognise where he was; nor did he know which way to start walking home.......home, hardly more than 100 metres away.
It spooked me out!
It moves too quickly.

And now time for bed....just what is the time?
My computer tells me it is gone midnight, but many of the clocks tell me it is just a few minutes after 11 o'clock.
It is that time again - time to turn the clocks to Winter time.
Bill has changed most of the clocks - that didn't confuse him.
It is all part of the familiar routine of our lives and our seasons.
Tomorrow it will be dark before the afternoon is through.