Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The day we went to Newcastle

Its has been a long day, but a smooth day.
I think I decided well to suggest we load the car and then call in at The Jack Fairman in Horley for a breakfast. This meant that we needed very little else during the day.
Well, needed not at all - but the Marks and Spencers cake we ate with our pot of tea from Costa was delightful.
It might be Costa Coffee - but I don't drink coffee and a pot of tea from which both of us can get a big cup from is quite a good price. Then we ask for more hot water and have another big cuppa.
The Donnington services are, for a Motorway Service Station, is quite pleasant.
We enjoyed extremely comfortable seating, which invited dozing!. The view over the countryside is lovely. So, a welcome time out from the endless miles of motorway.
Bill drives.......that ability is not lost.
Knowing the route and where we might have to turn off is lost.
At every junction "Where do we go now?"
The route is actually very simple. M25, M1, M18, A1M.........then turn off to Clare and Beth's house less than a mile away.
Clare looking every inch my lovely daughter served us very welcome mugs of tea, and we relaxed.
Perhaps I am biased, but I just don't understand how any passer by or fellow traveller on  a bus could see anything but a tall slim woman.
She has already done so much to establish a new identity. She is now counting the days until seeing a specialist to continue the work. 23 to go.
The weather has been good, We are assuming it will also be good tomorrow.....chilly though.
We are planning to take a walk ay The Woman of the North, also known as Northumberlandia. It is a landscaped park where the earth has been sculpted into a reclining nude woman.
Then we plan to to go to Ashington for lunch and then to Druridge Bay - a country park which also includes a fresh water lake just inland. Maybe we will even amble at Amble.
Should sleep well after that lot!
Hope we sleep well tonight.