Monday, October 28, 2013


Whoops several times over.

The weather forecasters got it right.....even down to the hours of the most intense part of the storm.
Some people are laughing at them (or maybe the media) for having built up the power of the storm beyond what it actually was.
Try telling the people still without power or who have had damage done to their property by falling trees that it was all a bit of a joke.
Even worse try telling it to the families of those who lost their lives......fortunately very few.
I feel  some closeness to one who lost his life at Newhaven. I know that beach so well from my childhood.
The 14 year old had gone to the beach with friends to feel impressed by the power of the waves. I guess the group did end up larking about - that's what 14 year olds do.
They played at running into the sea and trying to beat the waves back up the pebbly beach.
Young Dylan didn't make it back onto the beach and was swept away.
I feel some additional closeness to this tragedy because a  young relative knows/knew the boy.
Roger - I refer to India, who is the great great grand daughter of our Great Aunt Mercy.

There were no problems for us however; we sat in bed this morning, listening to traffic reports. There were quite a few problems in the Dorking area........but nowhere that we went. Our journey was easy.

I began to sort out our sales for the week.....and then realised I had far greater money issues to deal with us.
There has been a bit of a cock up.
Basically I think it was down to muddled thinking on Bill's part - over a year ago.
I pay the rent for our sections in Pilgrims by standing order once a month. Or I thought I did.
And Steve assumed that that was what was happening too.
Until he found a month when no money had been paid and investigated further - rent was being paid every alternate month.
I took the problem round to our bank - who confirmed that this indeed had been happening - they were following the instructions from Bill in September 2012.
The only thing I could do was withdraw the unpaid rent and hand it over. And the instructions to the bank have been corrected and rent will be paid every month now.

I returned to the shop and wrote up all the stock I had taken in.
After lunch I played around with Bill's shelves once again.
I attempt to talk to him about whether he really wants to continue with a section in the shop. He rarely buys any new stock, doesn't take an interest in the section and nor does he take any interest in customers who look at his section.
His answer is "I haven't really thought about it".
If he is unable to think about it, then I guess I will have to make the decision for him.

Today he created a dreadful frisson of sadness for particularly me; though Steve felt it too I think.
I was talking with Steve about Christmas and how we will almost certainly be at home on our own - and that is fine. Maybe the best thing for Bill.
I mentioned that my brother already had plans for Christmas.
"Which brother?" asked Bill.
"How many brothers do I have, Bill?" I asked.
"Two," he said with certainty.
I asked him to name them - perhaps he was thinking of my half brother. That's fine.
But he wasn't.
"Robin and Roger" said Bill.
"Well we can't go to Robin's" I said.
"Why?"........maybe then a flicker of something crept through. "Did he die?"
My brother Robin died at a very young age (34) of cancer in 1980.
I felt so sad that something that so deeply affected me has been forgotten by Bill.
It makes thinking that we are in the year 1976, as Bill did today, pale into insignificance.

I am somewhat nervous about how Bill will cope with our going away tomorrow. We are off to Newcastle to see Clare, Beth and young E.
Those that know the family will now be aware that Liz has joined in the name changing of the family.
Liz has been dropped and she is now Beth. They are both using the surname Matthews.
I am looking forward to having some fun away from home.

Bags are now almost completely packed. I haven't checked yet to see what Bill has put in his bag.
So tomorrow - off we go.
I shall write a blog in the evenings, hopefully using Clare's laptop.
I shall post things on facebook using my phone.

I have had some comments that my blogs are becoming sad.
I make no apologies for my blogs will always be personal. There are some sad aspects of life right now. But generally I am content and fulfilled.......just don't want to be over confident that I can deal with what Bill might throw at me in the future.
And I do have some hope that the neurology specialist will have some medication which will give us a bit more time.
Be happy for me that I think I have the strength to cope.