Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Our trip out today in the north.

Tired people in this house this evening......and cold germs are lurking.
Clare has not really lost the cold she had last month and it has returned.
Ah well, we have had one good day out. And I suspect there will be other trips.
This morning was bright and breezy and we headed north into Northumberland. We stopped first at Northumberlandia.......the woman of the north.
 She was sculpted on waste ground, abandoned by coal mining works. Mining of sorts still takes place adjacent to the woman........surface mining.
The woman is just about a year old........just one set of seasons for things to grow. She will evolve over the years.
We climbed first to the head = good views from up there. We walked through her cleavage and up onto one of her breasts (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and continued along the length of her body.
Fascinating and unique.
We then drove on to was once the site of the largest village coal mine. But that has gone now leaving a community in poverty. The shops reflect this - nothing up market in Ashington. We trawled the charity shops......certainly cheaper than those of other towns.
After some wandering we ended up at the twee sounding "Copper Kettle" for a bite to eat. I think it counted as a bit up market in Ashington......we dined alongside a retired RAF man, in his badged blazer.
After lunch we continued north and walked on the beach at Druridge Bay......a wide bay of sand, windswept today.
The  beach is part of a Country Park, with lots of footpaths and views centred on  a huge freshwater lake.
A little further north is the small harbour town of Amble. Lots of sea birds on the river shores, pecking for food.
It was getting dark.....lateish in the afternoon and the skies had begun to look gloomy.
We enjoyed our walk.......but it was a chilly walk.
Home then for tea.....glad that The Copper Kettle had fed us well earlier on.
Pictures have been taken, which I look forward to sorting and I hope you will be glad to see.
Don't know what tomorrow will bring.