Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Northumberlandia. The Woman of the North.

I was fascinated when I saw TV coverage of Northumberlandia.
It was completed about a year ago......though completion is a fluid idea with such a huge landscape. Landscapes evolve over the years.
I was very happy to go and see The Woman of the North as she has come to be known.
That's the polite name for her!
Another name has already evolved.....Slag Alice. She was constructed on waste land beside Shotton coal mine - a surface mine.
She was actually made from rock, clay and soil, rather than the waste products of the mine.
She is 400 metres long and her highest point is 34 metres high.
She is both beautiful and fun.
I thank the north east spirit that produces interesting things to look at and think about.
Here is a selection of photographs that tell of our time there, on a bright, but chilly late October morning.

Climbing the spiralling path to her head.

Reclining nude.

Here she is again with reflection. There are large expanses of water around the woman. Plants and water birds will flourish there.

Hold out your hand! It's her left hand.

Spiralling up the bosom!

That's our Clare posing on the nipple.

Angel of the north dances on the woman of the north's bosom.

Walking the footpaths.

Our Clare and young E pause for some shelter.

My man.

And me.

The surrounding industrial landscape.

Lots of wind turbines in Northumberland.
Some say they are a blot on the landscape; they hold some fascination for me - such a simple and effective beauty.