Tuesday, November 12, 2013



Well, well....I forgot to do a blog last night!
I stay up long after Bill has gone to bed and I just fiddled around.
Actually, I was enjoying looking at pictures shared by members of the memories of Crawley group.
Here's one for my brother. I think he can remember going to one of the cottages, where our great aunt Mercy and great uncle Ern lived at County Oak.

I don't remember which house was there's - just past the telegraph pole I think.
Great Uncle Ern was old and blind when we knew them. He could knit dish cloths with thick cotton yarn and huge wooden needles. It was a skill passed on to us.
Other pictures of County Oak have appeared - like the Southdown bus garage just beyond the cottages.
I was fascinated at seeing buses "indoors".
There is also a picture of a run down garage and cafe - who remembers that? I don't......but Bill did. He used to deliver newspapers along there.

Another picture which fascinated me was a view of Cheals roundabout, when the Crawley by pass was new. It is just half a mile from our house.

That's Little Buckswood Farm across the roundabout.
No wonder that whenever we go out these days Bill comments "There's a lot of traffic about"
Not much traffic then.

My next picture is a little earlier.

There must have always been a foot bridge across the railway.
The men are beginning the construction of the road bridge over the railway - the one that carries the by- pass (A23). I think this is looking towards Crawley station.
 Lots of fun to be had down memory lane!

The last 2 days have created lesser memories.
We were in the shop yesterday - a very grey and wet day. Customers were few.
Debate began as to whether it is worth Bill being in there at all for his remaining duty days.I worry about customer's reactions to his funny ways. I can see that Steve feels a bit uneasy too.
I guess we can put up with him!
I slipped out during the morning, after Steve had been out to buy new shoes. I felt envious of his new shoes because I was wearing short boots and my feet felt very cold. Steve had been to a a very reasonably priced shoe shop - I decided to look in the charity shops. I bought a wonderfully comfortable and warm pair of knee length boots - paid £15 for them.
I wonder what I paid for the long boots I had for some years in the 1960s.
But with warm feet I felt I had found a bargain.
Today has been quiet.
I got up early and Bill didn't!
I got things done during the morning. It felt  a bit like hoping that one's baby would sleep long enough for some housework to get done!
Bill appeared at about quarter past twelve! Far too late for a normal breakfast.
I decided to tempt him into life with a trip to la Rusta in The Broadwalk in the town.
We walked and I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. Exercise is  a bit of a problem for Bill with a flare up of his groin hernia. We see a GP again about that in 10 days time.
La Rusta cooks lovely food. The owner makes marvelous breads. I have the soup and bread that he makes. Today it was tomato and roasted pepper soup.  Bill sticks to tried and tested eggs benedict - though the decorative and tasty salad garnish he gives to me.
We enjoyed sitting in the window, people watching.
We came home on the bus and then chilled out.
It is only 9 hours since Bill got up - and he has now gone to bed.
I shall get him up earlier tomorrow, for I have booked an appointment with the solicitor; I need to be sure that we have done everything correctly on all the documents.
The weather forecast is for sunshine - maybe a chance to get out somewhere again.

If you haven't spotted it - the next blog is part 1 of our Newcastle walk, which we began in Jesmond Dene.