Saturday, November 09, 2013


Happy shop day.

It was a lovely day......well, for me it was.
But for some hours the weather was atrocious.
It was a Saturday duty at the shop.
I enjoyed the freedom from stress, the company and the busy times.
I spent some time sorting out Bill's section. I removed most of the things that were mine....and got them into my own section. Then I made a display out of Bill's things and put up a notice explaining that Bill will have to retire and that everything is now half the ticket price.
I sold a bus for him during the day.
There are spaces low down in his section, which we can fill on Monday.
I popped out late afternoon, having decided to get a Marks and Spencers meal know, a main course, a side dish, a dessert and a bottle of wine for £10.
The boeuf bourgignon was delicious with potato rosti; I almost chose a cabbage medley side dish, but I knew Bill wouldn't tolerate that. He was suspicious of the little onions in the beef.
We still have the dessert for later in the week......the chocolate raspberry tarts look delicious. I was lucky enough to find another type of dessert reduced (at their sell by date) to 50p each.
And we didn't open the wine either, for we had a little left in a bottle already opened.
It was a good meal.
But sadly, it didn't feel good getting home. I was greeted by no words, just the clapping or at best words like "Bee Bo!"
The poor "boy" is full of cold, so I guess I shouldn't really take him out tomorrow. We'll see. He does behave better when we are out......though still almost no conversation.
Anyway I have lots to do at home.
I look forward to sorting out the next lot of Newcastle photos.