Friday, November 08, 2013



Having left bustling Alnwick, we were pleased to drive the few miles to the coast and the peaceful village of Alnmouth.
Alnmouth was probably a flourishing little fishing and trading village at one time; my guess is that the economy there depends more on holiday makers these days. I suspect that many of the pretty cottages are holiday lets.
But this late in the year, the village was quiet and lovely.

The village as seen from across the river estuary. The River Aln......the 'l' is pronounced.

We wandered up and down the High Street, choosing where to have some lunch.
We needed somewhere to suit all the tastes of our little party and our pockets.
We finally crammed into the cosy crowded bar of The Red Lion.

I enjoyed delicious soup.

After lunch we headed for the beach.

By the river. This was not long after lunch.......look how low the sun is.

There is a charm about such a natural river estuary........just the river merging into the sea, with no man made objects in sight.

Clare and I walk along the beach.

Fabulous beach.