Friday, November 08, 2013


A walk at Nymans

There was some sunshine earlier in the day.
Quick! Grab it! Get outdoors and breathe the fresh air and enjoy beautiful surroundings.
I surmised that we might have about an hour before the promised rains would fall.
We went to Nymans.
There is always beauty to enjoy there.

I love the fact that my camera has a viewing screen that can allow me to photograph underneath the downward hanging fuchsia.

I set up a photo of me for Bill. I told him where to stand. He used my camera.
He had his camera in the camera bag with him - but as usual he did nothing with it.

I called this one "Red flower, raindrops and spider"
Of course I didn't see the spider until I had the image on the computer screen.

Another doorway......another opportunity to pose.

Sunshine on the hydrangea seed heads.

We have walked at Nymans many, many times, but Bill was very unsure about where paths might lead.
And we had to stick to paths, for the grass was very wet.
Did that confuse Bill? Maybe. If a word has 2 meanings, he might get the wrong one. He didn't think we would want to stick (be glued) to the path!
And I am guessing that maybe these days that a visit to a place like Nymans feels new every time.

We ordered a pot of tea and had some cake before we left.
As we sat we saw that people were putting up umbrellas hastily outside. The expected rain arrived just about an hour after we had entered the garden.
oh and it rained so hard.

By this afternoon, it was clear that Bill has caught a cold.
Lucky him, if he can't remember what a cold feels like! He would sneeze and then wonder why he was sneezing so much.
Well, poor Bill - let me introduce you to a horrible and very trivial bug, which will bring you down for a while.

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