Thursday, November 14, 2013


A busy day.

I have just realised that I promised Sheffield Park gardens pictures today.
Well, maybe tomorrow!
Today has been a full day.
I went alone to Ford......Bill just needs so much sleep, so I left him in bed.
I happily browsed the stalls. I have books, tins, glass and a huge 1950s West German vase.
I breakfasted in Littlehampton - so noisy and jolly in The George this morning; much laughter.
How wonderful. Harry and Brian are off to Malta next week and there is every chance that Harry will have to return alone at the end of January.
Friends were eager to share some time with them.
But there was to be no mourning.

When I got home I had a phone call from the solicitor. She really does need information from the title deeds of our house.
It seems the deeds have never been registered with the land registry.
Oh do I deal with that one?
Well, easily as it turned out.
I had vague recollections of us having to make a decision about what to do with the deeds - ages ago, when the mortgage was completed.
I felt sure we decided to leave 50p owing on the mortgage and that our building society should store the deeds.
And I found correspondence, recent correspondence, telling me that the deeds remain stored and who to contact if I wanted to change things.
A phone call told me that I should go to the local branch of Santander - which the building society now is and it would be dealt with.
And so it was.
A beautiful young Indian woman contacted the relevant people who asked her to write a letter for us to sign and she would have it sent off today.
Tomorrow I will phone the solicitor with this information and see her again when I have the deeds and then instruct her to register them properly.

It was good to go and visit Bill's sister, Julie after that for a cup of tea and a chat.
So, a busy day but almost nothing from my Things to do List has been crossed off.

Snapshots of the second part of our Newcastle walk appear on the next posting.