Thursday, November 14, 2013


Newcastle Walk. Part 2. Armstrong/Heaton Park.

I have sorted out some photos from the second part of our Newcastle walk.
These are mostly snap shots of family.

I didn't know it as I took the photo, but Clare and E Minor are walking to a most interesting and quirky tree.

It is a shoe tree!
It is said that a nobleman threw his shoes into the air, joyfully, on hearing the news of the birth of his grandson - over 200 years ago.
So people continued to decorate the tree with shoes to celebrate events in their own lives.

You may recall that we had given the Jesmond Dene cafe a miss earlier in our walk......and we were glad that we did; we found this place instead.

It is now an Italian restaurant. The lawns are still enjoyed for leisure.
Croquet is played.

It was a warm and sheltered spot and a very pleasant place to sit with drinks and cake.
Bill ordered the cake!

More of a dessert really and we all dipped into it and it tasted magnificent.

We were relaxed and happy.

Next time I return to this walk I will tell of our meeting with a unique and quirky Geordie man.