Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Newcastle Walk. Part 4. The Biscuit Factory.

Our walk through "rural" Newcastle took us finally to The Biscuit Factory.
It was once a biscuit factory and has had a few incarnations since those Victorian days.
It has now been superbly renovated and has become an art gallery.
All the works  are for sale and they are all well displayed.
In the late afternoon dusk it was a pleasure to walk into a well lit beautiful building and admire the skill and creativity.

We wandered and chattered and I snapped away at things that caught my eye, though in truth everything was a pleasure to see.

The flamingo again - posing in front of a field of poppies.

Maybe my favourite work in the gallery.

There were a series of 4 paintings of girls.
Moody pictures.
My grand daughter could feel their stories.
She stood with them for a long time and said that she wanted to write about them.

The "girl" paintings were by Tim Cornley,

It must have been an official work of art - but I am not sure now.
Maybe it was a window.
I liked it.

I do love the silhouettes of winter trees - one of the glories of the winter months.
So, I loved the work of Rebecca Vincent.
If you like them too, have a look at a web site.

Outdoors there was street art.......superior graffiti, I guess.

We were heading for the nearest Metro station, close to the north bank of he Tyne.
We passed Northumbria University - a building which also counts as a work of art.

It had been a great days walking and talking.
Newcastle always offers such a range of interesting places.
Congratulations to the city for what it does to promote creativity and conservation.
But don't abandon your libraries, Newcastle!
I am glad that I have family in Newcastle who can show me such an interesting world.